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Mega Ran – “Your Favorite Song” (In-Studio Performance & Video Game Music Remix)

Mega Ran takes you on an unplugged style in-studio performance of “Your Favorite Song” from the new RNDM album then as the visual trip progresses and becomes more psychedelic we end up hearing an exclusive video game remix made with a modded Super Famicom and premiered live on the spot to the fresh vocal track.

>> Info About “RNDM” The Album & How To Pre-Order <<

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CoolRom.com Forced Removal of Nintendo Roms due to Copyrights

If you grew up around the 90’s then you have definitely either heard of or played a Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, or the Nintendo Entertainment System ( NES for short). Well, we all know that these were some of the best consoles of our youth but after some years production was ceased and being able to play these great consoles became harder and harder. With the evolution of the PC came the creation of the emulator, and for those of you who have never heard of an emulator, it’s a downloadable PC program which lets players interact with many video games for retro consoles on their PC. Yes that is correct, emulators allow you to do just that on your PC, and not just that anymore, now emulators are moving to mobile phones and tablets. But then why the post headline?

One of the most popular Emulation and Rom sites Coolrom.com which has been hosting ROM and Emulator downloads for years has just recently been forced to remove all Nintendo ROMs from their website due to Copyright violation. Assuming this is Nintendo’s doing, Coolrom.com will no longer have Nintendo ROMs available. Although Coolrom.com is one of the first websites (from my knowledge) to be struck with a copyright violation at least in recent years, other sites may have similar experiences soon follow. What does it all mean though? Is Nintendo actually going to start cracking down on ROM hosting sites for no apparent reason or do they have bigger plans?

Could the New 3DS XL end up making way for Nintendo to sell their own retro games again which are currently unavailable thanks to 1st party emulation behind the curtain? Will Nintendo make use of their new patent for streaming emulated retro games from their copyright library and sell some of those on smartphones soon?

For now we can only wonder. Comment below on what you think of this. Are you glad this is being done or enraged as a retro gamer?

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Introducing… The Boycott Gamer – Let’s Play #RetroGaming Part 1 – Super Metroid

Hello everybody, this is just a little test video to see how my recording software and mic held up, didn’t sound the best but could have definitely sounded worse. 🙂

I chose playing this title as one of the first for my recording because it’s one of my all time favorite games. You can expect to see me playing all types of Retro Games on RealGamerNewz as well as YouTube with a bigger introduction coming soon.

For now, check this one out!!

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IndieSpotlight: Gheldia

RealGamerNewz had the opportunity of speaking with Hunt Game Studios who put is releasing Action RPG Gheldia which will arrive on Xbox 360, Windows PC, and PlayStation Vita this January 2014. A free demo will be released soon during December 2013 giving the world their first playable taste of this indie game influenced by the retro gaming era of Super Nintendo. Take a look at this game and let us know what you think about it, any questions you may have for Hunt Game Studios, and look forward to its upcoming multi-platform release.


Gheldia is a role playing action game (running on a custom game-engine) that takes a note from retro experiences while innovating the gameplay mechanics of the genre in entirely new ways. Presenting its story through a unique combination of lore, hidden easter eggs, exploration causing the tale to unravel the destiny of an anti-hero who wants a more meaningful life in terms of being known and developing skill, as well as visiting towns where the player will experience different races found in the game-world, go to shops, and learn more about what’s going on around them throughout various dialogue segments.

Overall, Gheldia mainly focuses on combat and action. Instead of getting experience and carrying around a million weapons at once, players will enter each session with two weapons. The gameplay starts at a central location and branches out from there. Each level has an exit and a secret exit which can bring players to new levels. Different weapons are used to discover alternative paths through each level which can lead to new levels in the world that otherwise wouldn’t be discovered.

Shards are also found throughout the world which are used to upgrade weapons at a blacksmith. Shards influence the attributes but do not upgrade the weapon itself since you can remove the Shards and the weapon will revert back to its original stats. ‘Beast Mastery’ is earned as a way of leveling up your ability to kill a certain class of enemy based on how many you’ve exterminated thus far. The real-time combat, gameplay mechanics, and graphics / art direction of Gheldia have been influenced greatly by 8-bit and 16-bit role playing games but Gheldia is produced at a higher precision with more animations and a modern twist to the experience. Players essentially pick the path they want to take throughout the world and discover things for themselves. There’s not much hand holding, leaving the fun of progressing through the title to the player rather than too many tutorials. Players will be shown the basics though of course.

Players can evade attacks and strafe while doing battle and trying to seal up the beast lords that have escaped as they take the role of an aspiring slayer named Lor who is on a quest to become renowned and recognized by the world around him. Different races of beings in the game include reptilian ‘lizard men’ and others. The game can be played as a purely action and exploration-based experience but there’s more to the game-world than what meets the eye. Politics include conflicts between humans and other races, among other ongoing issues giving life to the world of Gheldia.

Gheldia’s World Level will increase about four times throughout the game, meaning that the World Level will ping pong between being above, below, above, below (and so on) in regards to the player’s level. The developer aims to avoid the game being too unbalanced by past attempts in the genre which have tried to keep enemies at the exact same level as the player throughout. Instead, this system rewards players that upgrade and work hard while giving the upgrades and then later tests their might with an upgraded world presence afterwards.

The World Level influences monster strength and treasure quality but the monsters themselves don’t have levels. As the player you have a Beast Mastery level over them but it doesn’t dictate their strength – just what you get when they are slain and how much bonus damage you do. The old school feeling when players go through the title is extended through crafting, involving monster materials turned to shards, very effective status ailments, and the real world origin of each power; for example a Scorpion class Toxic Crawler drops an item which is turned to a “Poison Strike” shard that can be embedded into weapons for utilization of a Poison effect.

The abilities that monsters in the game have can be trapped and used by the player thanks to the crystal shards that are used to change the properties of weapons. Levels can be played in any order once discovered, and there is incentive to play again discovering new paths and training with new weapons. The over-arching story sees players defeating 3 main bosses in order to get the barrier to the final boss taken out. The tower called the Serpentine Spire is where things will reach a culmination of events.

Q&A Interview:

RGN: Can you tell us more about the weapons upgrade system and how it works within each level?

Hunt Game Studios: The equipment system in Gheldia has three main parts. Each piece of equipment has its own level that determines its initial stats and number of Shard slots. Equipment can be upgraded at a Blacksmith which will increase the baseline stats and number of Shard slots. The main way you customize your character is by equipping Shards you craft or find into these slots which will grant you stat boosts and new abilities. The last part of the system is related to how many weapons you can bring into a level. Since you can only equip two weapons at a time the paths that are available to you and how difficult the enemies will be depends on what you bring into a level.

RGN: How do players experience the story-line in Gheldia?

Hunt Game Studios: The story in Gheldia mostly unfolds through player interaction. Other than the intro and outro cut scenes the story is discovered by the player. Players are encouraged to talk to every NPC, read every book/journal/map, and to unearth the story on their own.

RGN: Will Gheldia’s PC version be releasing on Steam? Will it support Steam Cloud Saves?

Hunt Game Studios: Gheldia is currently on Steam’s Greenlight service but will also be released through other PC portals. I am interested in implementing Steam specific features but they may be added after its initial release.

RGN: Does Hunt Game Studios plan to have a free playable demo of the game? If so, when can we expect that to release?

Hunt Game Studios: Yes. A playable demo will be available December 2013. The demo will be different from the one shown at PAX with new levels and several other improvements.

RGN: What do you feel is unique about Gheldia and makes it stand out from other games on the market right now?

Hunt Game Studios: The gaming landscape has never been more diversified than it is right now. The spectrum of games has exploded in recent years so I will just focus on the RPG genre. The current trend in RPGs is to incorporate nostalgia and old school mechanics to bring back some lost charm. However, I feel that parodying or referencing these classic games can only take us so far as we need to inject some new ideas or put our own spin on these concepts. With Gheldia we are trying to strike a good balance between classic elements and new or modified ideas.

The story of Gheldia has its share of traditional elements, such as fighting off monsters that were banished long ago, but it also has themes you don’t see in these games often such as political unrest, racial tensions, and a protagonist who isn’t silent or a hero of destiny.

As far as gameplay goes, Gheldia is also more open-ended with the ability to tackle regions in any order along with taking multiple routes through a level. Exploring is highly encouraged with secret paths and secret exits tucked away in every level. The game also abandons the traditional way of leveling up, managing your equipment, and acquiring gold and replaces them with systems that try to convey the story of being a Slayer.

RGN: What are some of the things you can do in Gheldia’s towns?

Hunt Game Studios: There is one major town in each region along with several secret shops. The towns in Gheldia are where the player will go to craft Shards/Fragments, upgrade gear, and sell treasure. Each region has its share of native monsters and the type of crafting recipes available to you differs depending on the town. The secret shops offer the best recipes along with the only place to fully upgrade your equipment so players should be on the lookout for each secret exit.

Also, towns act as the game’s main way of conveying story as they are filled with numerous NPCs and books that players can interact with to learn about its lore.

RGN: Who is the most fun non-boss enemy in the game to play against? (without spoiling anything)

Hunt Game Studios: I’m still adjusting the enemy AI but I’m aiming to have each enemy behave slightly different as they all have their own strengths/weakness, speeds, weapon attacks, spells, etc. Right now I like fighting the skeletal soldiers as they’re the main monster I’ve iterated on.

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Official IGF 2014 Video of Work-In-Progress Game:

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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds – The Music Trailer + Gameplay Trailer #2 [HD]

The Music Trailer and Gameplay Trailer #2 for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (exclusive to Nintendo 3DS) which is also a direct sequel to the Super Nintendo classic ‘A Link to the Past’ for The Legend of Zelda series.

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If You Want Yoshi’s Cookie on Wii Virtual Console, Get It Now [Discontinued Friday]

As of Friday Yoshi’s Cookie will no longer be available for download on the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console. This goes for people who have already paid for it as well as those who haven’t. Download it now if you want it, since it will be discontinued from the Nintendo Wii’s servers soon. The following statement was made by Nintendo concerning this event:

“The Virtual Console title Yoshi’s Cookie (500 Wii Points) will be discontinued at 9 a.m. Friday, Oct. 18, 2013,”

“If you’d like to purchase this title or have already purchased and would like to re-download, please do so before this time. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

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Final Fantasy VI Heads to iPhone and Android – Final Fantasy VII Could Be Next

Many gamers have raged on the debate between Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VI, which is the best FF game of all time? Well, if you’d like to give this game a run on the go, I think you’ll find that it’s definitely an incredible open world / linear hybrid experience that will forever be in the Role Playing Game hall of fame ever since its debut in Japanese as well as Japanese on Super Nintendo / Super Famicon. I even got chiphop / nerdcore artist MegaRan, who created Black Materia: Final Fantasy VII, to discuss the possibility of making FF6-inspired hip hop in the future in our first RGN Interview with Random AKA MegaRan.

For those who never played the game, it is an incredible experience involving powerful human philosophical thinking resulting from a chaotic inner struggle within the species. At its core its gameplay is the foundation of the JRPG sub-genre in every way. Some of the themes of the storyline include corruption, the land of the living vs land of the dead, the nature of magic and its effect on human kind throughout the times, the magical gods incarnate and as summons, a factory harvesting magic energy from a living race from another realm, and even playing the game before and after it was completely destroyed. Beyond that, there are some of the most memorable RPG characters in existence, hidden characters and many easter eggs, an open-world map with lots to discover via Airships, on foot, and other methods beyond the Chocobo. Truly a game Final Fantasy or RPG fans in general should not miss out on.

Final Fantasy VI is currently available from Square Enix on PlayStation Network (compatible with PS Vita, PS3, and PSP devices) and will now arrive on Android and iPhone’s Apple App Store for iOS devices. Originally released in 1994, and never remastered to this date, this version of the game will be slightly tweaked for enhanced smartphone graphics marking a precedent for enhancing the visuals of a game that has been set in stone and is also classic.

It is likely, based on Square Enix remakes on smartphone as of late, that the graphics will be very true to their original appearance back in ’94 on SNES. Square Enix has done a good job of bringing earlier 8-bit titles to the smartphone market over the past few years particularly. Square Enix will consider remaking Final Fantasy VII for smartphones soon, possibly made possible only because of the tech advancements and early adoption culture of the smartphone market.

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Sonic Blastman II Retro Review

Sonic Blast Man II is a Beat-‘Em-Up game, developed by ITL and published by Taito Corporation, which was released in 1994. Sonic Blast Man II was released for the SNES and is a much bigger game than Sonic Blast Man, expanding the roster and adding multiplayer to what was once only a 1 player franchise which now became 2-3 player title. The roster is composed of Sonic Blast Man, Sonia, and Captain Choyear.

Gameplay: If you are a fan of beat-em-ups you will feel right at home with this game. You have an attack button, jump button, and a special move button which you gain by picking up off of fallen enemies. Enemies in this game range from small but fast to heavy hitters. Once you get farther in the game they become stronger and faster which can sometimes be a pain. Characters in this game differ from each other. Sonic Blast Man is an all around good character, Sonia is fast but is not as strong, and Captain Choyear who is the slowest yet most and heavy hitting of the bunch.

As you go through the game you will have to fight a boss at the end of each stage but just like any other beat-em-up game they can be cheap to the point of tossing a controller for old time sake. The last level of the game seems to just drag on and you can get stuck in a few parts. At this point the controls, particularly walking, can sometimes be a pain when you are trying to avoid an enemy attack or projectile. This is not a game breaking problem but can be very annoying.

Sound: They did a great job in this game with the soundtrack and sound of the game. Each stage has unique sound to its stage and can sometimes be unforgettable. My favorite would have to be Stage 2. Everything they did with song gave me great much respect for K. Watanabe and Naoto Yagishita for making this soundtrack.

Final Verdict: While this game has its awesome moments, it sure does have some annoyances at times. If you are new to this game, you will find it fun to play with a buddy while hardcore fans might find it to be repetitive and a game that drags on. In the prime of the SNES days and with all the beat-em-up’s that came out for it I would recommend it but there are definitely much better beat-em-up’s on the system. Overall I give Sonic Blast Man II an 8 out of 10, making it a Silver Game in our Retro Review Section.

Official Trailer:


Overall Score: 8/10

RGN Rating: Silver Game

Developer / Publisher: ITL / Taito Corporation

Original Release Date: November 1994

Available On: Super Nintendo

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