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Tristans Twisted World: Some of the greatest supporting characters in video games

Before you ask no this is not a top list this is just a mention of some of the best characters I have seen in my life. It is simple really to begin with this but why wait when I go full steam.

Liara T’soni is one the best written characters I have seen in recent years as she is the ideal love interest for Commander Shepard as it fells so natural for them to be together. Her back and personal story’s are also worth a good look as she has a lot of history and a more shy story that you have to push to see. It becomes easier of the games the more you get to know her unless your with her of course.

Ghost in MW2 is simple he is just a badass that is all there is needed to be said on that matter.

Dom was the best friend of Marcus in the Gears of War series it was a very well written love story of two best friends having each others backs no matter what.

Cortana is Master Chiefs no girlfriend girlfriend but was always there for him and cared deeply about him in so many ways that it was hard to believe she was a machine.

Clementine is the idea of a girl walking around in a ruined world trying to survive with her father figure Lee. She has lost so much by the end of seasons one it will be nice to see how her character develop.


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