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A Rating Given by Viewers of Bethesda Press Conference

The Elder Scrolls VI, Starfield, Fallout 76, and RAGE 2 were just a few of the announcements that Bethesda had up their sleeve for this year’s E3. Even if two of those four simply involved a name and a logo, we now know that Starfield is real and that Bethesda is hard at work figuring out how to make TES VI a true evolution over their previous games. All existing projects are receiving upgrades of varying degrees. There’s even going to be a full-fledged mobile RPG from Bethesda soon as well, The Elder Scrolls Blades. This group of announcements seems to have made E3 viewers very pleased.

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No Fallout 4 “Guess Again”, Bethesda Teasing New Untitled Project, Potential New IP for Next Gen

Bethesda has been noticeably dominating the headlines lately with the appearance of Elder Scrolls Online footage which was eventually taken down by request last week, and with the end to Skryim DLC announced by beloved Beth fans were speculating heavily upon Fallout 4 or an Elder Scrolls VI entry to the long-standing TES WRPG series.

Pete Hines of Bethesda Softworks has announced upon social media platforms that fans guessing for such obvious moves while Bethesda Softworks is already twelve steps ahead of gamers, are simply wrong.

It is confirmed that Bethesda Softworks will not be pushing all of their resources into Fallout 4, instead a new untitled project is being teased. Could this be the Fallout MMO that everyone has been talking about? If not, are we being taken for a ruse and about to be shown a Fallout title anyway with rick-roll and all.

However, it truly seems at this time that Bethesda Softworks has saw it fit to tease the gaming community with an epic, well orchestrated reveal experience that will take place in bits and pieces and is likely larger than we already think. The potential that gamers will be excited to speculate over is the chance for Bethesda to use its Dishonored, Fallout, Elder Scrolls design prowess to work on a totally new universe for next generation platforms to run smoothly not just with all the bells and whistles but the primal gameplay satisfaction we’ve come to expect from the creators of Elder Scrolls.

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