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The Witcher 3 Gets New Trailer & Screenshots of Monsters, Crafting, World Map, and Gameplay

Take an early look at the bestiary, crafting menu, overworld map, and battle gameplay of one of the most sought after games of the year and by far the biggest release coming to gamers this month. The Witcher is a series that gives players an open world without ignoring character development and actually has a meaningful story. Geralt, the main character of the original Witcher games, will see a conclusion to his saga throughout what the developer is calling a “200 hour experience” with over 30 hours of additional DLC to be launched in later expansions.

The open world of The Witcher 3 is said to be filled with plenty to do and interesting moments that are now or never for players to decide the morality of Geralt in his final chapter. Beyond this, gameplay elements have been reportedly enhanced and fine tuned – not to mention graphics. Although the game is likely being developed with Windows PC as the lead platform based on the past experience of the developer and the series itself, CD Projekt RED has stated that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox ONE versions of the game have been fine tuned to bring the most out of current console gaming technology.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt heads for release a couple of weeks from now (May 19, 2015) and the anticipation is growing as CD Projekt RED crosses the finish line for development on what is expected to be a masterpiece entry to the Action RPG genre. Simultaneously timed with the release of New Info for GOG Galaxy (the DRM-Free alternative to Steam which CD Projekt RED created themselves), a new trailer has been released showing off the Monsters of The Witcher 3.

New Monsters Trailer:


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New Crafting, Gameplay, and Menu Screenshots:

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