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Major Third Party IP Deals Being Developed By Sony

The latest intel to land in our inbox sees SCEA’s Gio Corsi having announced that Sony has completed “the formation of a new group within the company called Third Party Production which works with publishing partners to bring third-party IPs to PlayStation platforms (PS4, PS3, Vita)”  which brings Sony back to the discussion of the fantasy games list being compiled in secret.

What games will eventually come of this and how their individual deals will be made are yet to be seen, but essentially Sony teams have already been actively creating lists of third party IP rights and/or game development projects that they need to satisfy their audience. Gio Corsi of SCEA in this latest update refuses to promise specific games “until they’re real.”  but seems very confident that news is coming very soon.

You may recall the huge push for Sony and SEGA to talk about a Shenmue 3 project not long ago. This can be looked at as an example of a game fans want. Other examples include a now heavily rumored (for the fourth time) Final Fantasy VII Remake from Square Enix which is said to have been under low-key development for many years now. Crash Bandicoot is also expected to be one of the titles Sony is working with Activision on creating. The Third Party Production firm will seemingly seek to make projects like this a reality if at all possible, and word is that their list is long so that if even only a handful of deals end up resulting in fully released games – it would all be worth it in the end.

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