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WWE 2K15 Dev Working on a Way to Deal with those Pesky Online Spammers and How They Should do It

Opponents spamming you with repeated running attacks, has been the bane of online matches in past WWE games. Unfortunately WWE 2K15 is also ripe with players who resort to sprinting at you as soon as the match starts, and follow it up with either a strike or a grapple. Combine that with the game’s somewhat dodgy counter system (which features a very small window of timing), with any latency issue and you’ll more often than not, find yourself on the receiving end of a nasty DDT, Clothesline etc.

The player then waits for your wrestler to get back to his or her feet, before doing the exact same thing again. This process is repeated throughout the entire match, until the player has done enough damage and is able to hit their finisher to pick up the win. Even if you manage to counter their running attacks/grapples and go on the offensive, once they manage to counter you, they go right back to their bread and butter tactic.

Thankfully those over at 2K are working on a way to put an end to this annoyance. When I asked the  game’s official twitter account if they were working on a way to handle online spammers, they answered “we are! We’ll get ’em once and for all!”.

My Personal take:

I for one am certainly glad to know that the developer is actually attempting to fix this issue, instead of just leaving it be. This is incredibly annoying to have to deal with and also results in some ridiculously boring matches. I’m not going to lie, actually getting the W against players like that despite all their spamming is satisfying but the experience is mostly a boring and frustrating affair.

In terms of how they should deal with the spammers, I feel they should make the attacks do less damage over time. Severely decreasing the amount of momentum players earn every time they spam the moves, while increasing the amount stamina required to perform said move, would make the thought of using that tactic less than ideal. Hopefully whatever they choose to implement works in the end, so more players will resort to playing fair and not exploiting the game’s mechanics for an easy win.

Stay tuned for more info as it is revealed.

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Telltale’s Game of Thrones Release Dates Revealed

The official release dates for the first episode of Telltale’s, episodic Game of Thrones title, has been revealed. Episode one, titled “Iron From Ice” will be available for download on  December 2, 2014 for PC/Mac and PS4 in NA, Dec 3 for Xbox One and 360, PS4 in EU. December 4 for iOS. You can see the official tweet below.

The PS3 version will release a few days later on the 9th of December. Android dates to be revealed soon.

“Iron From Ice” will be the first on six episodes, instead of the usual five per season. It will star family members from the House Forrester and players will take control of five of them; each offering a different perspective on the story. The full trailer will be released on Monday. The teaser can be seen below.


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Find out When You Can Learn of WWE 2K15’s Full Roster, Plus Details on the Digital Versions

Back in August of this year, 2K Games revealed the roster for its upcoming WWE 2K15 video game. Much to the ire of many fans, it wasn’t a full reveal as many superstars where excluded. Since then more have been confirmed; from NXT superstars, Adrian Neville and Cory Graves to the Ultimate Warrior. Though other superstars and divas such as Adam Rose and Paige have been confirmed as DLC. That still leaves many fans wondering, the identity of the remaining superstars and divas to fill up the remaining rosters spots at launch.

Well wonder no more as 2K Games has revealed that fans will have to wait, until they get their hands on the game to find out who else is included. They want it to be a surprise you see.

Other info regarding the game’s roster that should make fans breath a little easier, is that the rosters are identical between the last-gen and current gen versions of the game. The only difference being the General Managers featured in ‘MyCareer’ mode. This story mode that stars the player’s created superstar is exclusive to PS4 and Xbox One versions. So even though 360 and PS3 owners won’t be able to play every game mode, at least they won’t miss out on playable characters.

2K Games has also gone ahead and offered clarification on digital versions of the game and DLC:

  • Xbox 360 version will be available for purchase in all XBL regions (Excluding Japan) on “their specific announced release date”.
  • The PS3 version will be available for purchase on October 28 via PSN
  • Players should be able to pre-order the Xbox One version on November 4 (Subject to change)
  • PS4 owners who preload the game, will have it unlocked at midnight PST on November 18
  • With the exception of Sting (Pre-order), Hogan (Hulkamania Edition), Accelerator and Season Pass, none of the DLC is on disc

WWE 2K15 releases on October 28, 2014 for PS3 and Xbox 360, November 18 for Xbox One and PS4.

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Hellblade’s Story will be “Deep and Personal”, Gameplay Footage coming in 2015

Indie developer Ninja Theory held another Q&A on twitter today, answering questions from their fans, on their upcoming title Hellblade.

In terms of story, NT states the one of Hellblade’s protagonist Senua will be “deep and personal” and have a “pretty serious tone”. When asked by yours truly if it would span multiple titles, the response was that Hellblade was their only priority for now. The game’s script also hasn’t been finalized yet.

In terms of gameplay, fans can expect the developer to use their past experiences with other games when designing Hellblade’s mechanics Those looking for some gameplay footage may get their wish in early 2015.

Other answers Ninja Theory gave can be seen below.

  • Would love to add extras to Hellblade such as Photomode
  • No co-op
  • Not sure if Hellblade will feature RPG-like customizable attributes for Senua
  • Not sure how many enemies and bosses the game will have, but it will be a “good amount”
  • Contemplating if Hellblade will be open world or not.
  • Hellblade is a timed PS4 exclusive
  • Combat will be more about focusing on individual enemies instead of large groups
  • No actual length has been set but fans can expect Hellblade to be shorter than the average AAA title
  • Unsure if Senua will fight with other weapons besides her main sword
  • Ninja Theory will be releasing a developer diary on Hellblade’s enemies

It is obvious from these answers that Hellblade is still very early in development but it is great that Ninja Theory are allowing the fans to be a part of the process.

Stay tuned to RGN for more on the game, including more dev diaries.

Via: Ninja Theory

Dev diary #1

Dev diary #2

Dev diary #3

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[Update #4] Hacker Group’s DDoS Attacks Cripple PlayStation Network

Update #4: Sony has released the following update on their blog.

“Like other major networks around the world, the PlayStation Network and Sony Entertainment Network have been impacted by an attempt to overwhelm our network with artificially high traffic.

Although this has impacted your ability to access our network and enjoy our services, no personal information has been accessed.
We will continue to work towards fixing this issue and hope to have our services up and running as soon as possible.

We regret any inconvenience this may have caused.”

Update #3: @FamedGod claims to have been the one responsible for the DDoS attack.



Update #2: Some users can log in but others still can’t at the moment.



Update: Smedley has tweeted that services will slowly but surely be restored.



Though he is referring to SOE and is not sure about PSN.



Stay tuned.

Original Story as follow:

Sony’s PlayStation Network was scheduled for maintenance on Monday but seems to have gotten a one day head start thanks to a barrage of DDos (Distributed denial of service) attacks on their servers.

The Hacker group known as @LizardSquad has claimed responsibility, bragging about it via their twitter account. They’ve also taken credit for the attacks on  Path of Exile, Battle.net and League of Legends servers. John Smedley, President of Sony Online Entertainment has confirmed the attacks via twitter.



There is no time window for when the service will be back online but Smedley has assured that Sony is working to bring it back online and it is almost under control.



The group also claims to have gotten into Sony’s data centers



Probably best to change your passwords once service goes back up just to be safe. Stay tuned to RGN as we’ll keep you updated on the situation.

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New Hellblade Details Revealed

Hosting a short AMA on twitter, developer Ninja Theory answered some questions from fans about their recently announced title, Hellblade.

NT confirmed that Unreal Engine 4 will power Hellblade though it is “too early in the game’s development to say” if it will run at 30 or 60 frames per second. Speaking of its development, 12 people have been working on it for about 4 months and the plan is to keep the number of workers under 15.

Celtic Mythology is its inspiration though specifics weren’t given. In terms of gameplay, fans can expect to play from a third-person perspective — the same with past NT games, and combat that promises to be “brutal and uncompromising.” No word yet on when we’ll be seeing gameplay footage. The team also hasn’t decided if there will be more than one weapon to choose from or just the sword.

As for a release window, it is once again “too early” to tell but Hellblade’s dev time will be shorter than normal AAA titles. And while retail distribution isn’t been ruled out, releasing the game digitally (HB is self-published) “makes sense.”

More details are below.

  • A brand new behind-the-scene footage is coming next week.
  • It is a brand new IP with new character, lead protagonist is not Kai and HB is not a Spiritual Successor to Heavenly Sword
  • Hellblade is single-player title only, there is no multiplayer and it is not an open world game
  • Boss battles will very likely play an important role in Hellblade
  • The reason for the title which is pretty much the opposite of ‘Heavenly Sword’ is because NT likes Hell and Swords
  • Ninja Theory are not using assets and ideas originally intended for Heavenly Sword 2

Stay tuned to RGN next week for the behind-the-scene video once it drops.


Source: Ninja Theory 

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A New Elgato Gaming Capture Device Could Be On The Way

Earlier today Elgato, creators behind the popular gaming capture devices, sent out a tweet teasing what could be the reveal of a newer model.


Now it could be anything but the current models can’t stream or capture content at 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second.



Seeing as many gamers argue that 1080p and 60fps is the only way games should be viewed and played, as well as the meteoric rise is streaming gameplay online via Twitch and other sources. It makes sense for Elgato to get with the times.

Stay tuned to RGN, as soon as Elgato pulls back the curtain next Monday.

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The Last of Us: Remastered has gone Gold

Naughty Dog’s upcoming remaster of their 2013 masterpiece, The Last of Us has finally gone gold a few weeks ahead of its July 29th release.

Mike Yosh, Lead Animator for Naughty Dog who has worked on Uncharted 2 and The Last of Us sent out a subtle tweet letting fans know.



Yeah, subtle…


For those who don’t know, going ‘gold’ means the development of the game is finished and the final version is ready to start being “pressed” onto discs, so they can be shipped out to retailer in time for release.

The Last of Us: Remastered includes all the DLC released for the PS3 version, in-game cinematic commentary from the cast and creative director. It will be in full 1080p and running at 60 frames per second.


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Zack Synder Teases Pic of New Batmobile for ‘Batman vs. Superman’ movie

Director Zack Synder (300, Man of Steel), took to twitter today to give Batman fans a glimpse of the Batmobile in the upcoming sequel to Man of Steel. Based on Snyder’s tweet, the full reveal will be tomorrow. We don’t see much but it is definitely much sleeker than the Tumbler in Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. Check it out below.


Another look.

Batman vs. Superman or whatever DC officially calls it is set for a May 6, 2016 release and will star Henry Cavill as Superman, Ben Affleck as Batman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Amy Adams as Lois Lane.

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Music: Lecrae & DJ Don Cannon – Church Clothes 1 & 2

Originally Posted on DJKillzownJones.com

Christ-Hop artist Lecrae recently dropped his second entry into his Church Clothes mixtape series with Affiliates Music Group DJ Don Cannon, so today on RealGamerNewz we bring you both projects for your listen pleasure. Lecrae is not your typical Christian Emcee as he covers a wide range of topics such as Family, Love, Community, Abuse, Addiction, Clubbing and others while detailing his struggles during his growth into the man he is today. Check out Church Clothes 1 and Church Clothes 2 below and follow Lecrae and DJ Don Cannon on Twitter @Lecrae & @DonCannon.

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Sony Announces PS4 Global Sales Over 6 Million And Rising

Now that PlayStation 4 has had some time (about a week) to get into the hands of Japanese consumers who only had the console release just now while Americans have had it since the winter of last year. Everyone knows that stocks of PS4 units are selling still, like crazy. As promised, it appears Sony has begun to get a grip on demand by producing as many units as humanly possibly, then calling up aliens and having them produce some as well to make it even more than humanly possible – and the result is a lot of sales.

“PS4 sales cross 6 million globally”

PlayStation 4 has now sold over 6 million lifetime worldwide units, Sony announced on their official website.

There were more announcements as well included in this single statistic.

“As you’ve probably read by now, cumulative PS4 sales have now surpassed six million units worldwide following the successful launch in Japan just over a week ago. It’s truly humbling to see the rate at which gamers across the globe are choosing PS4 as their next gen console of choice. Even more exciting is what happens when gamers power up their PS4s. In the United States, more than 90% of PS4s are online, enabling gamers to connect, compete and share their greatness with friends and fellow gamers.”

Some more fun stats were released with this announcement as well:

  •  “PS4 gamers account for 20% of daily broadcasters on Twitch.”
  •  “100 million shares” (using the DualShock 4 controller’s share button to post pictures, stream live, or post videos to TwitchTV, Facebook, Twitter, and soon more including YouTube)

And another quite intriguing statement was made as well regarding video broadcasting on PS4:

“Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition features a built-in Broadcast+ mode where you can stream your gameplay while viewers on the PS4 or a web browser influence positive and negative effects during gameplay.” – John Koller / VP of Marketing – Home Consoles and Handheld Platforms, SCEA

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Cranky Kong Takes Over Nintendo Of America’s Twitter Page


Cranky Kong has taken over the official Nintendo of America’s Twitter in promo for Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze will release tomorrow only for the Nintendo Wii U for 50 $. Check out some of Crankys tweets to people here. https://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica

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Luigi’s Mansion Theme Song For Acoustic Guitar and Piano by @edtalenti [HD Music Video]

An original guitar and piano arrangement of the Luigi’s Mansion Soundtrack by Edoardo Talenti.

Follow Edoardo Talenti for More: TwitterFacebook | YouTube

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Psychological Study and Discussion of Gamer / Developer Verbal Abuse

Gabby Taylor is the creator and lead design for budding indie studio GreyBox. She’s long had an interest in what makes people tick, primarily brought on by her life-long experience with the darker side of humanity. Neither pessimist nor optimist, Gabby tends to believe the human mind is both the key to and cause of most all of mankind’s issues, best explored through video games and writing.

From Randy Pitchford’s comparison of criticism from a devout fan to domestic abuse [See Reference 1] to wide-spread gamer’s verbal abuse of game developers [See Reference 2], to the even wider spread gamers’ verbal abuse of each other [See Reference 3], many questions crop up. There’s the usual “cyber bullying” questions, and of course the ever-famous “who do we blame, since everyone seems to be at fault here?”, but here we will cover a slightly more important question: Why is this happening?

Any student of human nature will tell you no one acts without reason, however illogical; even madness of all sorts has some sort of neurological trigger, whether developed over time or there from birth. Let’s first define verbal abuse, as placing it in the same category as madness is quite wrong.

Verbal abuse, otherwise known as reviling, is commonly defined as “a negative defining statement told to the victim or about the victim, or by withholding any response, thereby defining the target as non-existent” [See Reference 4]. Common examples in online games are calling a poor performer “homo” or other derogatory terms, description of sexual acts (“I’m gonna rape you” or “I f#&%d your [insert family member here]”), and just general insults with no follow-up apology. Typical causes are a need for control over the person or situation, outright anger issues, or low self-esteem. Starting to sound a little familiar? No? Maybe it does seem a little extreme to be saying verbal abuse is so wide spread? You’re right, with just this, it is. We are, however, missing pieces of the puzzle.

When one person sees someone not performing with absolute precision, their first move isn’t going to be to start hurling insults at them as if it were a grand time, yet this is exactly what happens between players in online matches. Why? Anonymity is key here. Walking up to someone in person, they see your face, how you dress, can assume you live nearby– nearly everything about you.

Online, however, you have only your screen name, what you use as your (usually modulated) voice, and your performance in that particular game. If one wanted, they could go back and look up how often you earn trophies or achievements in various games, but very little else. As in, nothing they could use to get back at you once you start hurling insults. They’ve no choice but to sit there and take it, thus giving the control you sought and encouraging this behavior further.

Once you shed your identity and enter a lobby or forums, that place essentially becomes a BDSM dungeon, where there is no safety except to leave. Interesting fact: most players tend to learn and refine their social skills in this sort of environment [See Reference 5].

So now we’ve covered why players are cruel to each other (essentially big, digital dominance fights that most are happy to sweep under the rug), let’s touch on why they can be mean to the developers behind their favorite games (and why developers return the favor). It’s in the same vein as player-to-player verbal abuse, really: control is key here. Maybe the developers made a change to a game that doesn’t sit well with players. Player response is to attempt to intimidate or otherwise manipulate the developers into changing it back to the more favored version. Or the flip side: player offers constructive criticism for developers, and developers seek to control the situation by manipulating players into not offering up said criticism in the future. In essence, at the heart of all this abuse we fling at each other without question is the desire for domination over others.

Control over others has long been a theme the human race has struggled with, both in real life and in fantasy. From Hitler to William the Conqueror, and Sauron to Saruman, men and tales alike have sought domination of the known world and the subjugation of all in it. Even in religion, humans have dominion over animals, men control women, and all the world must submit to various deities. But what makes us so fascinated with control that we’d seek it since in the inception of mankind’s existence? According to Bob Hughes, control over others gives us the life we want– or so we think [See Reference 6]. On the surface, this seems reasonable. Of course we want our lives to be happy and our endeavors to go well, and if we let go, all sorts of scary unknowns enter the equation. But, there is a downside; the more we control, the more we desire to control. It’s sort of a “give a mouse a cookie” sediment.

Look at a classic example: Adolf Hitler. He ruled Germany, an entire country. Then he insisted on terminating people with certain characteristics, essentially controlling the genes of his subjects. He also sought to control the lands and people of other countries, and continuing like this until either he controlled everything on the planet, or was stopped. Most people would say that he was a special case, and that not everyone would make this mistake, but this is very far from true. Nearly every time one player insults another, or developer insulting a fan, or fan insulting player– every time one abuses another in any way, they seek to subjugate them. An example of this in a game (and slightly closer to our time) is Stronghold Kingdoms.

Stronghold Kingdoms is an MMO by Firefly Studios in which players group themselves into Houses and fight for world domination. The studio themselves takes a laissez-faire approach; only interfering when a round of gameplay ends and its time to eliminate a House from the running. Otherwise, its just the players and the freedom to do and say whatever they feel is in the best interests of themselves and their Houses. As you can well imagine, the higher up on the totem pole a player gets, the more authority and control they acquire.

This has led to several disasters, especially towards the end of an era (when one House finally topples their sole remaining rival). House leaders, or Marshalls, have frequently gone rogue if they felt they could gain control another way than they were previously going, and control over the map and people was the only way by which one’s success was measured. It was in this game that every player’s true nature came into the open (much the same as an unbridled developer on social media).

Now, it very nearly sounds like this behavior is excusable on the basis of understandable fear, so allow it to be said; it is not. Verbal abuse, as with any other sort of giving in to fear, is a coward’s tool, and should not be condoned under any circumstances, no matter who it’s from, or who it’s directed at. What ought to be happening is people accepting the unknowns as they come, especially when it comes to video games, and just “roll with the punches”. Who knows what could be accomplished in a world where developers can create without the need to appease vast groups of people, where people’s esteems aren’t attacked solely because they’re new to a game, and everyone is mentally and emotionally nimble enough to take life as it happens?


Interview w/ RGN Editor-In-Chief Jon Ireson:

Jon: First off I just want to say thank you for revealing to us the answer to the question of “Why does this happen?” in regards to the communicative disorder seen across both online multiplayer gaming and developer to consumer feedback channels including social networks like Twitter. Unfortunately, there’s also a darker side to that communication stream which never sees the light of day and that is pertaining to mainly email communications which often include anonymous death threats. I’d like to first speak about this issue and then address the widespread developer outcry that has been bubbling to the surface and growing immensely in the past seven years especially.

From the writer of Dragon Age II to the guy in charge of telling gamers “COD balance patches are incoming” and beyond, developers are trying to tell us a story. The story of receiving death threats for changes in the games they are working on, not only to themselves but even their own family members. Immediately off the bat we see a serious breach of the law and basic human respect which in my opinion is not being handled correctly by the large gaming companies involved with these cases.

While it seems little to no action has been taken to identify and apprehend the individuals responsible for these threats (many of which may bear no merit, but that is completely irrelevant as all threats to prominent individuals at risk should be met with consequences) instead we are seeing game companies and the gaming public put the blame and burden of security largely on the developer who suffered the threat. A few people walk you to your car at night and then “Large Publisher A” is satisfied that they’ve done their duty. This is deplorable and I expect a lot more out of the industry which has endless amounts of capital and electronic expertise at their disposal meaning they could easily prosecute many of these threats and make an example of the perpetrator therefore reducing the likelihood of this occurring as often.

Moving on from that, the need felt by developers to address things like political belief, religious opinion, social and philosophical bias, and even brand preferences across the public spectrum seems to have skyrocketed with the advent of social media. I love my free speech, believe strongly in it, and wouldn’t dream of taking it away from someone. However, I think what many of these developers are quick to reject is the responsibility that is inherently placed upon them to represent their company, their publishing authority, and their games.

I believe developers have crossed the line in preaching about how they feel on sensitive issues and expecting their vastly varying demographic of fans to embrace these beliefs or not feel compelled to reply when they disagree. Using their prominence as game developers to promote their psychological belief system to potentially millions of people just seems irresponsible and beyond the scope of their intended influence. If they want to tell the world what to believe or what they think about life, why not do it through their art (games) in the way that they do best rather than string together repulsive sentences that the world is only going to skew and take out of context?

And finally, in regard to how developers deal with criticism in the public spectrum, this is a mixed bag for me. On the one hand, I firmly believe the disrespect many developers are handing down to the gaming public in response to some of these criticisms is inappropriate and should be filtered through a Public Relations voice either literally via vetted staffers running Twitter pages rather than the individual, or at the least figuratively through a more considerate thought process.

We all have our bad days but that doesn’t make it okay for massively well known developers to come out name-calling to their own fan-base with often explicit and hurtful lines of communication. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and the one on the receiving end of billions of dollars are the party I believe has the largest responsibility to present a respectable face by putting their best foot forward at all times. That being said, I once again refer to my earlier statements that all threats of violence should be followed up on and prosecuted as to make an example of those who go too far with their statements to developers.

At this time I’d like to welcome back the author of this article to respond to some of the connections I’ve made between her research and the issues they stir up.

Gabby: Thanks for having me; this was quite fun to write. You do bring up a ton of heavy concerns, and I’ll do my best to answer them from the developer side. First off, death threats via email are a huge and prevalent issue (as you mentioned). This is mostly due to company policy (be it studio level or publisher level) typically demands a developer’s email to follow the same simple format, thus making it purposefully easy to find. In fact, when looking for a development job, we’re typically instructed to email potential bosses out of the blue like this. This, as mentioned, does not always have such benign consequences, and there is little developers can do about them.

You mentioned publishers having such electronic expertise as to easily be able to hunt down perpetrators, but this is simply not true for most studios/publishers. They’re not quite the NSA *laughs*. Most of their network security only protects the data, not the people. You also bring up the few measly steps taken by studios to protect their employees, and I agree– it’s not a whole lot. Something to bear in mind, though, is most will not act on this. As much as people might push for control, most will not do much beyond hide behind their anonymity and send out messages, and as such, there is no real reason for fear. Granted, after working for 72 hours straight on a crunch, it might seem a little real, but most things tend to get mildly surreal then anyway.

As a developer who regularly receives threats of death among other things, I know that it can really get to you. Most developers come from fairly okay walks of life, as far as American standards go, just like their audiences, so repeated threats can really wear you down. Most people, be they players or developers, don’t know the difference between real, life-threatening circumstances and just trolling, so they have the same response to both. As such, I believe it’s only right for publishers to dedicate some of their vast resources to aid in keeping the psyche of their developers intact, however possible.

I did have to laugh a little at the concern of developers expressing psychological beliefs to fans, having written this article and also being a developer, but I definitely see what you’re saying. With video games being such a popular medium, successful developers are becoming super stars and celebrities in their own right, and there are some that maybe take this a bit far. However, I don’t see this as much of an issue. I already hear it, “Well, you’re a developer, of course you don’t have an issue with it!” Well, yeah, but I wasn’t quite talking from a developer standpoint, but rather the players.

For instance, I am a huge fan of the Metal Gear Solid series, and thus used to think of Hideo Kojima as some sort of god among men (I know this is rather common to feel between players and the developers behind their favorites). Once I saw his Twitter, though, he became merely a talented family man who loves movies. It’s this point of view from which I say developers ought to be able to post how they please, where they please. Yes, the system is abused, but this gives players an insight into their favorite games.

Developers always pour a little of themselves into what shows up on a gamer’s screen, and seeing a face put to that, seeing where this or that particular mechanic or monster came from, is absolutely priceless. Should it be censored through various PR reps or interns running their accounts? No, not at all. That would only sully the experience. If the developer proves to be worthy of Xbox 360 lobby-dom, so be it. Don’t buy their games. Speak with your wallet, not so much your screen name. Money is what will make a difference to the publishers in charge of whether they have a job.

I agree that developers’ ability (or lack of) to take criticism from fans presents an interesting problem. As developers of such a public medium, I believe they– we– ought to be able to take criticism, however there’s a difference between taking complaints from thousands of fans, and getting a sort of “complaint data sheet” to work from. Again, there are some who will insist on tanking it, and they will snap and make horrible remarks most of the time. This is just another insight to who they are. It’s like how it was explained to me when I was first getting into developing: Starting from the time you say to yourself you want this career, you have a public record where *everything* you do is open for analysis by thousands of people.

Listening to criticism, accepting it graciously, snapping and insulting, or passively ignoring it; these all go into this growing “file” of yours, and you must live with it. We have to be our own PR. Now, I know that sounds callous, and I didn’t mention anyone who is possibly hurt in this exchange. They, I believe, have an equal share of responsibility: if you’re going to offer criticism, no matter how polite and helpful, always prepare for the worst response possible. As you said, Jon, everyone has bad days. The more players expect and prepare for a bad day, and the more developers take more responsibility for their own public image, the happier we’ll all get along.


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See what is blowing up tomorrow [TEASER]

The following teaser clip was released for an upcoming trailer via the Call of Duty camp. It’s likely that tomorrow we’ll see a Live Action trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts containing something like what’s in this clip. Check back on RealGamerNewz.com tomorrow for the full High Definition video of whatever Activision and crew end up releasing.

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