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Euro Truck Simulator 2 Review

Euro Truck Simulator 2 simulates the experience of being a truck driver throughout central Europe. The ETS world is enormous; I have driven for over 13 hours yet I’ve still only managed to discover a fraction of the world. Because of this, there is satisfaction in exploring new roads and cities, but the real satisfaction is when you get payed in cash for successfully delivering a load. That is why ETS is a great game; it is simple yet has a economic sandbox core.

Story: ETS doesn’t have a story. All that is available to do is drive and customize. You start off as a low skilled, trucker with no money or truck. ETS does a good job at teaching you how to drive, purchase trucks, and get work. At first, they force you to take low paying jobs to start you off; the more you play, the more you earn. After you have delivered your second load, the game allows you to get a loan from the bank. You can use these funds to buy a truck, garage, or upgrades. Its up to you what your money is used for. If you want to save your money for a huge, powerful rig, then go for it; or maybe you would rather take a loan and start with a cheap truck. This is where ETS has it right, freedom to do what you want and customization.

Gameplay: The gameplay is good, but could have been better. You drive around 90% of the time that you play. Of course it’s boring, but it’s all worth it once you get that paycheck. ETS is called a simulator, but it’s more like a game than a simulator. So many elements of the game are unrealistic and feel out of place. For example, there is no visual damage on the vehicles if you wreck. No visual damage at all. The truck still has damage, and you have to pay for it, but there just isn’t any visual damage. Also, the other cars on the road look horrific. There are maybe five different car models that are used. This is weird because there are over 50 trucks. The trucks and the economy system are really the only well polished elements of the game. Everything else is just, poorly done.

Controls: This is obviously a driving game, and driving games suck when using a keyboard. I highly recommend using a controller if you want to have fun playing this game. It is also compatible with almost every gamepad, pedals, steering wheels, and shifters. If you have the full driving game setup, playing ETS could be an actual simulation of being a truck driver. But, most of us gamers don’t have all that gear.

Characters / Enemies: There are no enemies or real characters. You can hire people to truck for you, and you’ll get a fraction of the profit, but there is also no dialogue between you and your hired truckers. It isn’t supposed to have characters or enemies, because its a simulation, not a story driven game.

Graphics / Art Direction: The graphics are absolutely terrible for everything except trucks, and the interior of the trucks. Again, you’ll spend 90% of your time inside the trucks, driving. So, its not a major problem that the graphics suck, because you wont look at those graphics – you’ll look at the road and your interior.

Soundtrack / Audio / Voice: The soundtrack for the main menu is annoying; after hearing it for about 5 minutes I quickly turned it off. The audio sucks for everything except for the trucks. It almost seems like the developers worked really hard on the trucks and trucks only, everything else was pushed away. I cannot comment on the voice quality because there is no voice! There are no words spoken at all, but that’s okay because this is a simulator, not a game.

Multiplayer Aspect: It has no multiplayer features.

Replay Ability: This game has high replay ability, but only if you like it. After playing the game for over 10 hours I’ve realized that there is no point for me to keep going. I already had many trucks, workers, garages, and money. Why should I keep driving? I keep driving because I enjoy doing it, it’s calming and relaxing.  if you enjoy driving trucks in this game, then it definitely has high replay ability.

Engine Performance: I experienced one bug that basically just deletes my profile save whenever I add more mods. It was very easy to work around that though, all I had to do was make a copy of my profile before I added new mods. Overall, game engine performs well with no glitches.

Final Verdict:

ETS was a fun experience while it lasted. The first 10 hours were great, then once I have earned a lot of resources the game got boring. I now have no desire to play the game whatsoever, now it’s just boring for me. But, I think some people could really enjoy this game, if they gave it a chance. I know the game sounds stupid, but its not. It’s relaxing and enjoyable but most of all simulates what it’s like to be a trucker. Euro Truck Simulator 2 has earned a fair 7.5/10

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 7.5 / 10

RGN Rating : Bronze

Developer: SCS Software

Available On: PC | Linux

Played On: Windows PC

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was purchased by RealGamerNewz  for the purpose of this Review.

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