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Final Exam Review

Story: The basic plot of Final Exam begins without much complications. A crew of four are headed to a party when something goes drastically wrong. Things take a turn for the worst with our party of four ending up on the receiving end of an all-out assault by various types of monstrosities each specialized with different ways to kill you. Turns out, a mad scientist with an ironic and familiar name has unleashed some sort of virus causing normal people to be turned into unspeakably grotesque killing machines once submerged in a pitch black fog.

Gameplay: Final Exam begins with pretty straight forward action-based combat but also evolves to incorporate some interesting takes on side-scroller platforming. There’s melee attacks, shooting (with or without lock-on capability), picking up enemies and tossing them, and eventually a lot more including ramming into enemies, slamming them against the ground, mid-air physical combos, and let’s not forget 3 different kinds of grenades. There’s a good amount of different guns and melee weapons, each with its own pros / cons which must be learned rather than displayed neatly on a chart.

As far as the pacing of the story and levels go, players spend the initial third or so of Final Exam’s plot in a state of climbing desperation while getting a beginner’s mastery over the game’s controls and mechanics. Up against increasingly difficult odds, the player manages to finally begins to get a groove on and just when things start to feel slightly repetitive a completely unexpected chain of events commence quickly culminating into a final exam (no pun intended) of everything the game had to teach.

In many ways, Final Exam is an ode to old school gaming. It relies deeply on the player’s desire to achieve impressive gameplay through developing their skills.

Controls: The controls of Final Exam are extremely reliable and fluid. This is a great thing and helps the fast-paced actions set in motion to provide the player with a method among the madness. When the player is engaged and seasoned in the title’s inner-workings, the controls allow for a seemingly endless amount of combination hits to be connected without the player once taking damage. The responsiveness and cohesiveness of the controls are a vital part of this game’s formula.

Characters / Enemies: The variety of different enemies in the game will keep you on your toes. Each one has a different vulnerability as well as a totally different attack methods. Mastering the best way to play Final Exam consists of matching which weapons work best according to your play-style and the enemies’ various reactions to each weapon. A crude melee weapon might do well to beat down certain enemies with weaker flash quicker, but a blade will be much more effective against those with thick skin.

Multiplayer Aspect: Final Exam is built around 4 player co-op, though it is not mandatory. Players will be able to have a fun experience solo, but miss out on the fact that four unique characters have been crafted. Each character contains its own specialty skill trees which are leveled up as the games goes on through points earned in blood (typically green blood).

Replay Ability: Throughout 8 stages which take about 30 minutes to complete on Regular difficulty, and without getting all of the side-stuff done, players learn how to actually survive and have fun in Final Exam. Acting as a quiz of what the player has learned thus far, the ending to the game invites the player to push onward to unlock the real experience of Rock Hard mode.

After beating the game for the first time, there is a strong sense that finding the rest of the hidden weapons, achieving higher scores, maxing out the combo meter, and experiencing ‘Time Attack’ and ‘Rock Hard’ difficulty modes is very much a worthwhile ordeal to undertake. The quality of the game coupled with the ability to play with up to three friends (or strangers) online gives this game a decent amount of replay value for the price.

Engine Performance: No Glitches were found in our play-through of Final Exam.

Overall Score: 9/10

RGN Rating: Gold Game

Developer: Mighty Rocket Studio

Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

Available On: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows PC

Played On: Sony PS3

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this Review.

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Tristans Twisted World: Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Review

When we first got a glimpse of this title I thought it was a Aprils Fools joke. Seems like I was the fool instead. The super 80’s supported video game based off the award winning Far Cry 3 which will soon receive a review from us. Even though this game has nothing to with Far Cry 3 it is a amazing title so who is ready for some Blood Dragon?

Soundtrack, Audio, Voice: The super old 80’s music similar to things such as TRON and feels like old dubstep. The Audio mix is near perfect as I could hear just about everything that was going on. Voice acting captured the 80’s point of view as Rex Power Colt had the Clint Eastwood type get up. Spider was the bad mouthing sidekick for the screen time that he had. Dr Darling was the hero’s lady but also played the role of being smart good. The classic evil Colonial Sloan villain was played well in the scenes he was in but could have used some more screen time, but that’s not how the 80’s did it.

Graphics, Physics, Glitches, Engine Performance: The graphics look just like Far Cry 3 but with the 80’s twist so it is really good looking title. The physics work like Far Cry 3 expect the fact you play as a Cyber Commando which makes you stronger and able to do some other things makes it even funner. Glitches were actually rare as a few times when I jumped on crates it happened but other than that well polished. The performance of the engine is outstanding with the fact it looks and feels like Far Cry 3 and the file size is only 1.32 so the fact the game looks as good and runs as well as it does is astounding.

Characters / Enemies: The characters all fit the ideal 80’s ideals. Sargent Rex Power Colt being the Clint Eastwood type as stated earlier. There is not to much depth to the characters but they got what they were going for when making the game. The enemy types are those that resemble the idiotic stormtropers that can’t shoot but the scientist can so they do not pose to much of a threat unless there higher ranked Omegas or Blood Dragons. Animals are a threat to but not as big as they played in Far Cry 3.

Gameplay: It is pretty much just like Far Cry 3. The differences being the enemies cause of things like Blood Dragons being around. The weapons are futuristic but very fun to play with and the attachments you can add change the way you can use them. Despite the fact is is pretty much Far Cry 3 it feels as if I’m playing an old school shooter game. It felt like DOOM, Halo, and many others from back in the day.

Story: The whole idea of the game is bring forth what people in the 80’s thought today would be like. You know with aliens, robots, all kinds of stuff but you know how everything turned out. But it’s the simple save the world, get the girl, and walk off into the sunset ideal. But how it is presented is very very good. It keeps you into it, it keeps you laughing at every little easter egg or funny quote, and most of all it feels right.

Replay Ability: High

Final Verdict: For bringing everything back that started the fire into one bundle is awesome. This game should cost a lot more than 15 bucks but I’m not complaining. Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon gets a 9.7 out of 10

Overall Score: 9.7/10   Platinum Game

Review Copy Info: Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon was purchased by RealGamerNewz.com for review purposes

Available on: Xbox 360 , Playstation 3, and Computer

Played on: Xbox 360

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Gears of War 3 Review

Gears of War 3 is undeniably the most anticipated Xbox 360 exclusive of the year. Released this September to much critical acclaim, real gamers might have trouble considering the mainstream reviews out there trustworthy. In response to the demand for a true, uncensored, and unadulterated review of this title the RealGamerNewz team has joined up again.

Within this complete review you will find everything from the gameplay to the graphics, story, and more analyzed and described in great detail. Best of all, you will get three viewpoints at once instead of one! Listen to the full show if you want the real deal about Gears of War 3 from Epic Games.

Timestamps for each section (hours:minutes:seconds):

  • 1:10 Graphics – (Art Direction, Technical Quality, Etc.)
  • 10:30 Gameplay – (A.I., Level/Enemy/Gameplay Design, Etc.)
  • 27:00 Story – (Plot, Characters, Storytelling, Etc.)
  • 40:42 Presentation
  • 47:31 Sound/Music
  • 1:00:58 Multiplayer – (Co-Op, Competitive, Hoard 2.0, Beast Mode, Etc.)
  • 1:41:56 Enjoyment Level (A.K.A. Fun Factor) & Longevity (A.K.A. Replay Value)
  • 1:52:00 Final Evaluation and Official RealGamerNewz Verdict
This game was purchased by RealGamerNewz for independent review. purposes.

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