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PlayStation Vita 3000 Trademarked in Japan w/ L2/R2 Buttons + MicroSD Card Support?

Today it has been discovered that earlier this month the “PlayStation Vita 3000” has been trademarked in Japan by Sony Computer Entertainment. Not much is known about it at this time, and this could end up being an inactive placeholder, however it could also mean that Sony is preparing to re-brand the PS Vita with one more (perhaps final) SKU of their not so popular but high quality gaming handheld device.

Potential new features include L2 / R2 buttons (highly requested), expandable memory ports for non-proprietary memory cards such as SD and/or MicroSD (also highly requested), thirdly there could be a port for Video Output now which has been requested by casual and professional streamers / YouTube channels for some time now, and the device appears to be using the newer and less popular LCD screen which is cheaper to produce than the original model’s OLED but comes in at almost the same quality by a slight margin.

For now this is merely a rumor, but as the TrademarkBot which spotted the request is automated and fairly reliable, it is a very likely rumor. Even with that said, just because Sony has spent some money planning this doesn’t mean they will go through with it. It could be one last push for the PS Vita and see a reveal at E3 2015 for market during this holiday season. Let’s hope so! I always wanted a PS Vita and now that the library is large and there’s some new features on the horizon, Sony just has to make sure it’s cheaper than ever if they want to bring in new sales for this hardware.

[Some Info Sourced: TrademarkBot via Reddit]

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