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Rumor: Warhawk PS4 Coming Soon

Dylan Jobe has expressed in the past that “Sony knows where to find me” in regards to a PlayStation 4 project for the esteemed Warhawk title, and recently let us know directly that the Warhawk PS3 Servers WILL NOT BE SHUTTING DOWN YET. But it appears much more than this is the situation indeed. Dylan Jobe and his team at Lightbox Studio have apparently continued working on Warhawk as a higher-end model of the game meant for PlayStation 4 and intend to bring 3D Models they’ve created as well as pitch and design ideas to Sony for their perusal as a remake or newer version of Warhawk could someday see its release on the next-gen Sony PS4.

Fans have been clamoring for a Warhawk 2 ever since the Starhawk title released which was a great game but just not as good as the original Warhawk and servers remain full of Warhawkians to this day who are loyal to the brutality that can’t be found anywhere else. For now, we wait… hope… and pray.

P.S. Before you go saying I’m crazy for posting this, I was talking about Starhawk two years before it came out so relax!

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